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Whistleblower system

The proALPHA Group is committed to responsible corporate governance. Our corporate values form the foundation of our cooperation and success. An important part of this is fostering a culture in which unlawful behavior can be reported and addressed. That is why we have introduced a company-wide whistleblower system.

This system enables anyone - be they employees, former colleagues, customers, suppliers or third parties - to bring potential legal violations or breaches of our policies and Code of Conduct to our attention. Its sole purpose is to receive and process such reports.

We see your reports as a decisive instrument for clarifying and remedying misconduct and grievances. ProALPHA assures you that all reports will be treated confidentially and that the identity of the whistleblower will be protected in accordance with applicable laws.

You can bring your concerns to us in confidence - your voice counts.

Click here to access the whistleblower system (Germany)