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Make emissions transparent and improve yourcarbon footprint!

Simple software

Our software for CO2 footprint makes it child's play to achieve your goal: high data quality, precision and simple collaboration. See for yourself!

CO2 balance for companies

So that legal requirements no longer scare you and you become a pioneer.

Factory with emissions in sunset

CO2 balance for products

A product-related carbon footprint is increasingly becoming a customer requirement. Secure your competitive advantage now and optimize the emissions of your products after you have created transparency.

Climate-neutral company

Climate neutrality is a big but important goal. You can achieve it with our transformation concept for your climate strategy. We can only continue to grow economically in harmony with the environment. Concrete steps and efficient measures lead to success!

CCF procedure

Company balance sheet

Would you like to calculate your company's total greenhouse gas emissions? Whether for mandatory reasons or for your own motivation, we provide you with precise and easy-to-use software and support you on the way to comprehensiveCO2 balancing.  


✅ Software-supported calculation of the company balance sheet 

✅ High data transparency and quality 

✅ Optimal data management and assignment of responsibilities 

✅ Extensive database with emission factors 

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PCF Graphic

Product balance

As a supplier, you can impress your customers with thecarbon footprint of individual products (PCF). You can also gain a competitive advantage by improving your product-relatedcarbon footprint and work towards your climate targets. 


✅ Individual emissions transparency and basis for optimization 

✅ Ideal basis for communication thanks to direct product reference 

✅ ENIT offers "all in one" through connection to energy management and large partner network 

✅ Holistic view of all company activities 

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Transformation concept

Would you like to take the path to climate neutrality with your company? To ensure that you are already prepared for future requirements, we can help you draw up a transformation concept for the implementation of your climate strategy. 


✅ Assuming social, ecological and economic responsibility 

✅ Specialization in complex supply chains in the manufacturing industry 

✅ Support through a qualitative combination of service and data collection 

✅ Effective strategies for your climate-neutral corporate goal: we are at your side from creation to implementation! 

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