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The ENIT CO2 software for companies

Your CO2 application for a quick and clear corporate carbon footprint according to the GHG standard


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Accounting in accordance with the GHG standard

The overview view shows all stored information relating to an emitter, such as selected responsible parties, data quality and the emissions determined. All emitters can be assigned to the scopes and subcategories required by the GHG standard.

Simplified management of issuers

Thanks to the clear and easy-to-use data input, you can record all the important parameters for determining the emissions caused. For full transparency and to comply with GHG regulations, you can enter information on the data source, system limits and data quality.

Comprehensive and up-to-date database for emission factors

The integration of selected databases ensures that the more than 150 emission factors are up to date. These are continuously updated and supplemented. It is also possible to store your own emission factors.

Simple collaboration when preparing the balance sheet

Efficient management of responsibility per issuer using a processing status enables collaborative work on the preparation of the balance sheet.

Summary of emissions according to the GHG standard

Thanks to the precise and clear classification according to GHG Scopes 1-3, all the data collected can be summarized in a CO2 report with just one click. Both the inclusion and exclusion of emitters is possible.

PDF report according to GHG standard

Once all the data for the balance sheet has been entered, you can create a PDF report with clear diagrams and tables in just a few clicks. The export function for all diagrams simplifies the creation of further reports.

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You are welcome to test our software for creating a carbon footprint. We are happy to provide you with tutorials and training courses.

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More information

Detailed product information

Here you can find details about our CO2 products for download.

Sample CO2 balance

Here you will find excerpts from a sample CO2 balance so that you can get an idea of the result documentation.

Information for supplier companies

If you would like to learn more about the CO2 requirements for suppliers in the industry, you can find a corresponding white paper here for free download.


Thumbnail of the customer interview with Mr. Hanselka from SFB Group on the subject of climate balance with ENITOpens video in overlay

Carbon Footprint for companies

A field report from the SFB Group

Mr. Hanselka, Managing Director of the SFB Group, explains why he decided on a carbon footprint assessment in collaboration with ENIT and what was particularly important to him.

How does an energy monitoring system help to create a carbon footprint?

An energy assessment is carried out at the beginning of the planning phase of an energy monitoring system in accordance with ISO 50001. For this, all energy bills, meter readings and measurement data are viewed, analyzed and evaluated. And it is precisely this data that forms the optimum basis for a CO2 balance. The energy bills and meter readings allow conclusions to be drawn about both direct and indirect emissions. The CO2 balancing methods can be implemented simply and directly on the basis of the measured data.

More information about our energy monitoring solution can be found here.