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How can we optimize your energy consumption?

Increase energy efficiency

We support you in monitoring and analyzing your energy consumption flexibly and intuitively. With our ENIT Agent, we can quickly and easily read out your existing measuring devices from various manufacturers. Data acquisition made easy!

Create a basis

We support you in laying the foundations for your holistic energy management: together we plan and create the right measurement concept for you.

PV Systems Energy Management Support

Reduce costs

Peak loads can cause extremely high costs. Optimize your energy flows with our intelligent and dynamic load management to reduce costs and CO2 emissions.

Quick start

Our plug & play solution is installed at your premises within a few days and you can start monitoring energy immediately. Would you like to take a look at our free demo version first?

Measurement concept planning

The measurement concept is the necessary foundation for operational energy management. We help you to create the right measurement concept. You can now try out our measurement concept planner free of charge to get to know it.  

✅ Software-supported and simple start 

✅ Holistic mapping and helpful visualization 

✅ Support with measurement technology and service 

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Graphic energy monitoring system

Energy monitoring

Would you like to optimize your energy consumption and reduce costs? Then our energy monitoring solution is just right for you. With precise real-time data and easy handling, you can manage your energy and create the basis for your CO2 management. 


✅ Quick and easy installation + Compatible with all meters 

✅ Clear software for convenient analysis 

✅ Basis for energy efficiency and optimization 

✅ Standard-compliant and eligible for funding 

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Load management

Peak loads are very expensive and it is important to reduce them as much as possible. We know that many machines and processes in your company are untouchable and will show you the appropriate options for reducing peak loads. 

✅ Dynamic and intelligent 

✅ Tailored to your situation 

✅ Significantly reduced electricity costs 

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