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Energy monitoring - flexible, cross-media and direct

Optimize your energy consumption - measure your company's standby consumption over Christmas for a more sustainable business year 

    Start 2024 with a head start: discover efficiency potential and collect valuable data for the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) 2025 - your New Year's resolution for sustainable success!

    ENIT agent -
    Customizable Plug & Play Energy Monitoring System 

    Our ENIT agent hardware can be easily and intuitively integrated into your energy system. Data is collected immediately, which can be displayed and evaluated in the associated ENIT agent software and in energy reports. Your personal contact person supports you in setting up and independently using the hardware and software and in identifying energy optimization measures.

    Energy monitoring on screen

    Why is energy monitoring useful?

    Energy monitoring forms the basis for sustainably improving energy efficiency in industrial companies. The measurability of energy data plays a central role in this. An energy monitoring system gives you the opportunity to monitor your energy consumption and related costs transparently and to identify savings opportunities.

    Advantages of our energy monitoring system ENIT agent:

    • quick and easy installation of the hardware developed by us directly on the transfer meter
    • Any number of electricity meters can be integrated into the system
    • is compatible with almost all meters on the market, not manufacturer-bound
    • high frequency resolution of data every 15 seconds
    • clear and understandable presentation of the collected data in our software
    • Details of the entire infrastructure at the supermeter and submeter level
    • energy-efficient optimization of production, reduce costs
    • Flexible generation of energy key figures
    • Monitoring and tracking of peak loads
    • Is standard-compliant with ISO 50001 and meets specifications for audits and certifications
    • can be BAFA funded
    • Voltage quality testing at 20 kV level
    • Basis of climate strategies and CO2 balances
    • Advice on suitable current transformers and electricity meters as well as other energy meters included

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      Install our product system ENIT Agent simply and without high investment costs via Plug-and-Play and after a few hours it delivers the first data. 

      Compatible with all meters (multidivisional data acquisition)

      Use our ENIT Agent hardware on all common meters of different media. These include meters from Siemens, Janitza, KBR, Celsa, Socomec, Econ, Elster, among others.

      Any number of submeters and users

      Connect as many submeters as you like to the ENIT agent hardware at no additional cost. The number of users is also not limited.

      Standard-compliant and eligible

      The complete system is standard-compliant according to ISO 50001. In addition, our energy monitoring is BAFA-subsidized for you. Our team supports you in the processing of BAFA funding applications. 

      ENIT Agent Energy Monitoring Software Data Acquisition

      Energy monitoring with the ENIT agent software

      The following analysis functions are available to you 

      • Energy key figures
      • Load peak analysis
      • Alarms
      • Real-time monitoring
      • Annual duration line
      • Heatmap
      • ABC analysis
      • Sankey diagram
      • PDF Reports

      Test software now

      Take full advantage of all the benefits of the ENIT agent

      Based on the energy monitoring adapted to you, ENIT can support you even further:

        ENIT Agent energy monitoring software data acquisition

        Detailed analyses and diagrams


        Get an idea now and discover the numerous analysis possibilities of our ENIT agent software in the gallery.

        If you want to analyze the diagrams interactively and try out more countless display options, you can do so in our free ENIT agent software demo.



        Project flow

        1. joint start, inventory and planning

        2. creation of a measurement concept

        3. integration of new and existing measurement technology into the energy monitoring system, commissioning with immediate data availability

        4. consumer transparency and energy reports based on the data collected.


        Get started

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        Installation of the ENIT agent hardware

        You want to understand how easy it is to install the ENIT agent hardware on site? Here is our short explanatory video!

        The ENIT Agent

        In our half-hour webinar, learn how our ENIT agent can address a problem that many companies struggle with: Peak loads and standby consumption. Watch it now for free!

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