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Dynamic load management in industrial plants  

If the electrical power increases for a short time during operation, load peaks occur. These quickly become extremely expensive. Our ENIT act system for load peak management can effectively prevent this.

    We help you to identify switchable loads and to record and control your load profile using intelligent algorithms.

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    ENIT act -
    Avoiding peak loads with an optimal software-hardware combination

    Thanks to the high level of data transparency provided by our energy monitoring system, our algorithm is able to detect the onset of a load peak. By switching off flexible consumers or connecting battery storage, the load profile is reduced to a limit value.

    Thanks to many years of experience, we recognize flexible consumers in your operation and control them with our algorithm. Of course, we do not simply intervene in your production, because our goal is to save high grid money end costs without interfering in important processes. ENIT act ensures a higher efficiency of your output, which is further optimized by taking into account power generators such as PV systems.

    Approaches to peak load reduction:

    • Load control of thermal processes: Heaters, heat pumps, chillers, air conditioners...
    • Equipment cleaning/standby programs
    • Control of wallboxes/charging stations
    • Battery storage installation
    Energy monitoring on screen

    Why is a load management system useful?  

    A company with a consumption of more than 100,000 KW/h per year must pay not only for the amount of energy but also for the power purchased. The power often accounts for a major part of the electricity costs. Flexibilities in operation can reduce the load peaks relevant for billing. The aim is to identify consumers that can be switched and to use an automatic load management system to avert avoidable costs and, ideally, to reduce power consumption in the long term.

    Your load peaks are recorded by means of our ENIT act hardware and transmitted directly to the ENIT act software.

    With the data transmitted to the ENIT act software, our algorithm controls against an approaching load peak. Based on the collected data, the system learns when and why load peaks occur. This enables early and long-term countermeasures. All this happens fully automatically, you do not need to worry about anything.

    ENIT Agent Energy Monitoring Software Data Acquisition

    Project flow


    1. recording of the conditions at an on-site appointment and workshop to identify the cause of the peak load and organizational optimization potentials, identification of flexibilities in the process

    2. configuration and parameterization of the hardware, adaptation and individualization of the algorithm.

    3. installation of hardware on site, commissioning and testing, go-live

    4. software and safety updates, adjustments of the switching logic, integration of further flexibilities.



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    Advantages of a load management system


    • Develop efficient and long-term energy strategies
    • Data view and visualization of the load profile in current operation
    • Eliminate high energy bills
    • Generate effective process optimization with measurable successes  
    • Optimize energy supply
    • Watch your own energy supply live
    • Modular system that can be continuously expanded,
    • Save unnecessary energy costs and use savings for profitable investments
    • Doing business sustainably and remaining competitive



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    Our offers for you at a glance 

    Before the use of an intelligent load management makes sense, they should already have dealt with an energy monitoring system. Here, too, ENIT offers you a suitable solution with our ENIT agent.

    If they are already thinking about peak load management when planning an energy monitoring system, this is part of the BAFA subsidy.

    Please also have a look at our workshop for load management in the overview. There you will find more exciting and relevant information.

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