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Measurement concept planning

The creation of a measurement concept is indispensable for operational energy management and lays the foundation for efficient cost- and energy-saving management in every industrial plant. 
We offer comprehensive services regarding the creation and conception of a measurement concept. 

To be able to visually display already existing metadata, take a first look at our measurement concept planner. This service is free of charge for you.

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Free measurement concept planner in the ENIT hub

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Measurement concept planner from ENIT -
The foundation of every operational energy management

Software-supported with the measurement concept planner from ENIT, we create a holistic measurement concept for you, which helps you to measure electricity, water, gas or steam consumption at the right consumers and to optimize it in the next step.  

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Our service for you at a glance: 

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For which purposes is a measurement concept useful? 

Legal framework

  • Compliance with specifications and regulations for certifications and audits
  • Utilization of BAFAsubsidies

Documentation and planning

  • Infrastructure inventory
  • Planning of further measuring points
  • Creation of topologies and diagrams on energy data
  • Recognizing the potential of a PV system

Analysis and organization

  • Recognition of potential for optimization
  • Third-party quantity accrual
  • Tenant electricity model
  • Counter concept

Project flow

1. inventory of the infrastructure on site including the creation of a power flow topology. 

2. design of the measurement technology and possible procurement of new measurement technology, taking into account all media used in your company, i.e. in addition to electricity, also gas, water, heat or compressed air, for example.

3. commissioning and configuration

We use our specially developed measurement concept planner to better visualize your energy flows.

Advantages of the measurement concept planner from ENIT:
  • Clear presentation and visualization of your energy flows (electricity, heat, compressed air, natural gas, water)
  • simple comprehensibility of metadata
  • easy communication and cooperation between you and us through central software solution
  • Filter options for efficient navigation and analysis of your data


ENIT Agent transfer counter easy installation

Measurement concept with funding opportunity - BAFA subsidies  

The efficient use of energy in industrial companies makes a significant contribution to energy security in Germany and to global environmental protection. 

For this reason, the federal government, in the form of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), supports the use of energy-efficient technologies and energy-saving measures. 

With our measurement concept planner you have the possibility to be funded. Our employees will support you with the complete application process. 

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Goals of the measurement concept

Based on our experience in creating individual measurement concepts for our customers, we are able to carry out flexible and targeted measurement concept planning with a wide variety of infrastructures and conditions within companies in medium-sized industry.  

Our goal is to work with you to derive measures and optimization potential from your current energy consumption with the help of the measurement concept in order to lay the foundation for a meaningful energy monitoring system. In this way, we can ensure efficient and profitable cost savings and reduce unnecessary emissions.

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You would like to convince yourself of our measurement concept planner first? You already have energy data from your previous measuring points available?  

Then use our planning tool online. Free of charge and without obligation.  

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