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Workshops and trainings

With the help of our training courses and workshops, you can create a detailed insight quickly and easily.

Our first focus is to make the software as user-friendly as possible. We would be happy to show you the most important features and customization options during a training session.

In addition, we offer workshops on various optimization potentials in order to achieve even more together with you.

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Individual consideration of the expansion status of your system.

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Joint identification of the content that will provide you with the greatest added value.

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Fast start

Benefit from our experience and get started with a short software training to avoid wasting time.

Training and workshops for measure implementation


We offer you added value beyond pure data collection in the form of workshops. This gives you a structured overview of the project and, after the workshops, a development plan for suitable measures and next steps. The workshops are conducted virtually by our technical specialists from the operations team using the collaborative software Miro.


  • Recognition of optimization potential
  • Measurement concept
  • Load management
  • Electricity quantity accrual
  • Self-generation and power supply
  • Carbon Footprint 

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Recognition of optimization potential


Recognition of optimization potential

  • Development of your energy saving potentials with our specialists
  • First approaches after start of measurement at the transfer meter
  • Further analysis options with sub-counters and derivation of measures

After the workshop you will be able to take the next steps to realize optimization potentials.

Suitable for customers and non-customers.

Measurement concept workshop


Measurement concept

  • Clarification where with which meters a measuring point makes sense
  • Information on selecting cost-effective hardware that fits your infrastructure
  • Creation or updating of the measurement concept of your operation
  • Optimization measures for other energy sources such as gas, water or heat

Suitable for customers and non-customers.

Load management workshop


Load management

  • Showing all steps from initial transparency to automated load management to reduce peak loads
  • Procedure planning
  • Testing flexible consumers
  • Showing next steps
  • Sharing insights and experiences with best practices from your industry

Designed for our customers.

Electricity accrual workshop

Workshop on regulatory requirements

Electricity quantity accrual

  • Helps you comply with regulatory requirements
  • Clarification of important terminology (end consumer, where estimation is still permitted, meters conforming to calibration law, etc.) for the retention of tax refunds and EEG apportionment exemptions
  • Clarification of the impact on your so-called privileged electricity quantities when non-privileged electricity quantities are passed on

Designed for our customers.

Self-generation and power supply workshop


Self-generation and power supply

  • Checking the load profile and the electricity bill
  • Estimation of your PV potential

Suitable for customers and non-customers.

Software training

Software training

Eine new software? What now?

It sometimes takes more time and effort to learn a new software than one might like. But our customers need software that supports them immediately - and without a long learning curve. That's why we always strive to make the software as user-friendly as possible. In addition, intensive training courses can give you the confidence to get started right away and enrich your everyday work. We also offer a growing, free Academy with training videos and tutorials.

Our solution for you: 

Thanks to today's digital capabilities, we can also conveniently hold web sessions where we walk you and your colleagues through the applications and features of the software together. 

Possible contents of the software training are:

  • If required: basics around data acquisition, measuring points, meters, measuring channels, power and kilowatt hours
  • First steps in the software
  • The fastest way to get the views you need
  • Create and edit dashboards
  • Topology configuration
  • Adding new counters
  • Common interpretation of the data


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