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Numerous ENIT products are BAFA-supported

Our energy management system, the ENIT agent, is subsidized with 30 to 50% by the German government through BAFA. If you integrate a load peak management system at the same time, this is also subsidized.

A transformation concept or CO2 balances as part of our C02 management are funded with up to 60%.

We will be happy to help you with your application. Find out here what you need to consider.

If you would like to find out about funding opportunities in Austria or Switzerland, you can do so on this page. You can also find further explanations on BAFA funding in our knowledge area on this page.

Savings through BAFA promotion

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From start to finish


The process from application to receipt of the payment follows the described scheme. First, the application is filled out online, then you receive a notification of funding or a statement of facts as feedback. After implementation of the measures within the grant period, a proof of use must be provided.
ENIT has already successfully followed this path with many companies. We actively assist you in filling out the forms and thus, with our support, you will receive the maximum possible subsidies for the introduction of our products.



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Who is sponsored?

Eligible for funding are those with a permanent establishment or branch office in Germany:

  • private companies
  • Municipal companies with private legal form
  • State enterprises (i.e. enterprises of one or more federal states) with private legal form
  • freelancers, if the business premises are mainly used for freelance activities 
  • Contractors who carry out the measures mentioned in this information sheet for an eligible company

What are the requirements?

The requirements may differ depending on the product. Our experts will be happy to assist you with energy monitoring or C02 management .

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What is promoted?

Within the framework of module three of the BAFA subsidy, hardware and software components in connection with the establishment of an energy management system are subsidized. These include:

  • Energy management software
  • Measurement and counter technology
  • Trainings

In module 5, measures around the creation of a transformation concept based on a greenhouse gas balance. These include, among others:

  • C02 balances
  • Consulting costs (energy consulting and climate protection consulting)
  • Costs for required measurements, data collection and data procurement

Amount of the promotion?

Energy monitoring

For the measures from module three described above, one receives a subsidy of 30%.
Small and medium-sized enterprises receive an additional bonus of ten percentage points.
The maximum funding rate is thus 40% with a maximum funding of 15 million euros per investment project.

Transformation concept

For measures from module 5 (transformation concept), the funding is 50% with an equal 10 percentage point bonus for small companies; the maximum funding amount is 80,000 euros.

Why better today than tomorrow?

In recent years, BAFA has seen a sharp increase in the sums called up for funding module three, i.e. energy monitoring systems. It can therefore be assumed that this funding will be reduced or even discontinued in the foreseeable future. More detailed information on the situation regarding BAFA funding can be found in this video.

If you are planning to introduce energy monitoring, we recommend that you complete all the steps up to the funding application as soon as possible. ENIT will of course support you in this process.

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BAFA funding for energy monitoring

In this webcast, you will learn more about BAFA funding for energy monitoring.

If you would like to learn more about BAFA funding, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you with the application process.