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Energy management knowledge

Over the years, we have compiled a lot of helpful content on a wide range of topics relating to energy management. Whether you are looking for tips on saving energy in your company, a compact explanation of energy indicators or information on harmonics and their effects in your own company network - you will find it here!

If you would prefer to watch a basic video directly, we can highly recommend our free webcast "Optimizing energy consumption efficiently - What added value do high-resolution energy consumption data bring?".

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How do I create a specification sheet? How to correctly formulate your wishes and requirements for energy monitoring software. We have also prepared a sample specification sheet for you.

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Energy Efficiency Act

Helpful or a hindrance - What the Energy Efficiency Act means for companies: we explain it to you on this page.

Energy key figures

The top 7 energy performance indicators in energy management - examples and reasons for energy performance indicators. 

Measurement concept

What is a measurement concept and why do you need one? What is the best way to go about creating a measurement concept? We answer these questions for you. 

Energy potential savings

In this overview you will find both typical savings potential for the industry and specific knowledge about the savings potential of transformers. 

BAFA subsidies

Many of our solutions are eligible for subsidies. Here you can find out what BAFAsubsidies is and how you can benefit from it.

Current measurement in compliance with calibration law

What you need to know about electricity measurement in compliance with calibration law - all the information summarized for you.

Harmonic oscillations

Harmful harmonics - "A rough swell can quickly lead to shipwreck." Find out in good time and take preventive action.

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Load peak management

Peak load management - how industry and companies can avoid peak loads.

Energy price brake

Energy price brake for industry - ENIT insights episode 6

Electricity meter lexicon

When, where and how to measure? In our electricity meter lexicon, you will find information about meter types, metering concept creation and electricity metering in compliance with calibration law.

Load profile

How to recognize from the load profile whether energy management is worthwhile.

Battery storage

Get an overview of electricity and battery storage systems in industry. Use, cost-effectiveness and applications are discussed here.

ENIT insights on BAFA subsidies

BAFA - How long will there still be subsidies for energy efficiency? Find out now in episode 5 of ENIT insights.

PV project planning

Tips for planning PV systems - ENIT insights episode 3 - watch now if you are looking for alternative energy sources.

Energy meter configuration

With simple step-by-step instructions, these videos will show you how to configure your meter correctly.

Energy price forecast

On the development of energy prices after the crisis. ENIT insights episode 1 from 05.10.2022.

Case study energy key figures

This case study is about the use of energy indicators for greater energy efficiency. We show a practical example with a customer from the plastic packaging industry. 

Load management case study

This case study on the topic of peak load reduction shows a customer example where the peak load was reduced by 9% with our load management system.

Software tutorials

You are welcome to have a personal demonstration of our energy monitoring software or take a look at our software tutorials.