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Software tutorials

At this point we would like to provide you with some helpful explanations and tutorials for the use of our software.

If you need more detailed explanations, we will be happy to show you the software in a joint software training session.

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Trace energy flow in the company

With our topology configurator you can easily create electrical and organizational (virtual) topologies in our energy management system.

  1. Switch to the new Topology Editor in the settings.
  2. Create a new topology by means of: "Add new topology" and name it. The new topology creates a first measuring point "New measuring point". Now you have the choice to create an electrical topology or an organizational topology.
  3. Create an electrical topology: In an electrical topology, create only sub-nodes that actually exist as physical metering points(electricity meters) in your company. Assign an existing electricity meter to each node. In a fully metered electrical topology, active and reactive power flows are represented bidirectionally. Losses and reactive power compensation systems are calculated and added automatically.
  4. Mapping an electrical busbar: Create a sub-node and assign more than one physical measuring point to it. In this way, you can combine several parallel transformers on one busbar and monitor the load on the transformers in the energy flow diagram (Sankey).
  5. Organizational topology: Create nodes and do not assign a physical measuring point to them. This way you can represent building structures or energy consumption per department. However, you should add a physical measuring point at the lowest level. In this configuration, the consumptions add up to the top.


The result
A perfect Sankey diagram with active and reactive power, as well as energy consumption and output in both directions. If you have a combined heat and power unit or a solar system, you can determine how much energy you consume yourself and how much is fed back into the power grid.

Topology Configurator Sankey Diagram