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Your start with ENIT

The start with the ENIT Agent is conceivably simple and fast. We have designed the system in such a way that only a few steps are required for commissioning, for which no prior technical knowledge is required. ENIT takes care of the subsequent configuration, so that data acquisition can also begin on the same day. 

Usually, one agent per site is sufficient. In special cases, additional agents may be necessary due to local conditions. Should this be the case, we will find a suitable solution for you. 

Basically, the prices depend on your monthly energy consumption. We offer the possibility to buy or lease. For an individual offer you can contact us directly without obligation. 

We see the measurement concept as the foundation of efficient energy management. For the creation of a holistic measurement concept, we have therefore developed a special tool with the help of which you can plan and document your measurement concept in a structured manner. Of course, we also support you with our experience of more than 200 individually developed measurement concepts. You can benefit from our know-how both remotely and within the framework of on-site appointments.

At ENIT, the "Team Operations" takes care of customer and project support. As a customer, you will therefore have a personal contact person in the form of one of our in-house project engineers at your side. 

Integration of the ENIT Agent into your company

In principle, any number of meters can be integrated. 

It is always important to us to continue using your existing measurement infrastructure. In order to implement the most economical measurement concept for you, we check exactly which hardware is additionally required for your application. 

ENIT is independent of measurement technology manufacturers and has many years of experience regarding the target-oriented and economically reasonable selection of measurement technology. Therefore, we can recommend the measurement technology that perfectly meets your requirements.

Yes, in addition to data from electricity meters, measured values from, for example, gas, water, heat and compressed air meters can also be recorded and displayed. 

In general, data from other systems can be integrated, although the existing interfaces of the systems to be integrated must be checked in each individual case. 

By default, instantaneous values such as currents, voltages or powers are recorded every 15 seconds. Consumption values for electricity, water, gas and other media are recorded every 5 minutes. Depending on your requirements, individual data acquisition rates can also be implemented. 

ENIT Agent Software

In principle, the number of software users is not limited. 

Of course, we will set up access for you, with which you can also log on to your system securely and reliably from outside your company. This way you keep control even when you are on the road. 

That is no problem. You can use various calculation operations to create additional "virtual" measuring points from your already measured consumers. Watch the video here, which explains the configuration of such virtual channels step by step. 

Most PV systems are measured by a separate meter, which can be integrated in the ENIT Agent. In addition to the purchase and delivery of energy, this meter often also provides other measurement channels such as the current generation or reactive power. 

Yes, this is not a problem. Here you can find a video that explains step by step how to configure your desired alarm. 

More questions

Beautiful, as (almost) always. If the sun also shines frequently at your location, we will be happy to check on the basis of your individual load profile whether the investment in a PV system is profitable for your company. 

Your electricity bill includes the energy-related key data of your company such as the electricity consumption and the power price. Based on the measured values recorded by the ENIT Agent, you can compare the respective figures, check them for plausibility and take action against your electricity supplier in case of discrepancies.