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ENIT carbon: New software features for precise CO2 footprint

About ENIT carbon - Software for CO2 footprint


Our carbon accounting software, which is continuously being developed and optimized, has been enhanced with several new functions in recent weeks. These make your work easier by further simplifying emissions management while increasing efficiency and precision. Why not take a look at the software directly and see for yourself?  

Software for CO2 balancing Balance sheet for companies
CO2 footprint in the ENIT carbon software

The most important new functions of ENIT carbon at a glance 

  1. Precise allocation according to Scope 1-3: The software now enables a clear classification of emissions according to Scopes 1, 2 and 3. This structure not only simplifies the identification of emission sources, but also increases precision in emissions tracking. The result is a more professional and efficient way of working.  
  2. Optimized system boundary management: We have revised the system boundaries within the individual scopes and provided them with selectable GHG categories. This clear structure makes it much easier to define and manage system boundaries, resulting in better clarity and more effective management of emissions data. You also have the option to hide certain emitters that are not within your balance boundaries. This allows you to integrate and document issuers that should be included for transparency purposes, but are not included in your balance sheet. *
  3. Effective management of responsibilities: For smooth collaborative work, our updated software provides the ability to assign responsibilities for data collection per issuer. This not only promotes teamwork, but also makes data management much easier. In addition, you can track the processing status to always keep an overview. 
  4. Data quality assessment for highest transparency: Our software now offers a comprehensive data quality assessment for activity data and in the future also for emission factors. By including confidence intervals, the accuracy of your carbon footprint is calculated. In this way, we ensure that companies achieve the highest transparency and meet the requirements of external audits and the GHG (Greenhouse Gas Protocoll) guidelines.  



Currently, we are working on further improving the export function for data to enable seamless further processing and analysis by external tools. 

Using the latest features and enhancements in the ENIT carbon accounting software, companies can now more accurately measure, monitor, and ultimately reduce their emissions. ENIT helps you implement sustainable practices and achieve ambitious business goals.  

ENIT carbon is available to you as usual in our cloud platform ENIT hub

If you need more information about our updated carbon accounting software and its features, our experts will be happy to help you.  


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* For example, the two different accounting types in electricity procurement (market-based and location-based) can be accounted for in parallel, in accordance with the GHG Protocol. 

Overview CO2 Balance Report Scopes 1 2 3

Simple overview and precise data


Discover the latest features of our carbon footprint software in the gallery.

If you would like to try out the software, you can do so in the ENIT hub - registration is non-binding and free of charge.