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ENIT and BKW accompany you to climate neutrality

With the decarbonization of industry as one of the greatest challenges of the present, many companies are facing great pressure: Not only customers, suppliers and investors are demanding transparency and savings in energy and emissions, but also legal requirements and subsidy conditions are now calling for action. 

Achieving climate neutrality or CO2 neutrality is increasingly becoming a primary goal of corporate management.  

In addition, there are to be state aid measures for energy-intensive companies, such as the "bridge electricity price" planned by Economics Minister Robert Habeck. A binding commitment to transformation with the goal of climate neutrality by 2045 is a prerequisite for receiving these subsidies. 

And that's where we come in: with comprehensive climate strategy solutions, we can help you stay on the ball and become a pioneer in climate neutrality yourself, thanks to our extensive partnership. 

Decarbonization is a complex and somehow still intangible problem for you? 

We accompany you with five practice-proven steps and help you with a simple and goal-oriented implementation: 

  1. CO2 footprint: Analyze and understand emissions 
  2. Reduction targets: Determine what you want to have achieved and by when. 
  3. Decarbonization roadmap: identifying and classifying necessary steps 
  4. Planning and implementation of measures: realization of CO2 reduction 
  5. Continuous support: anchoring and readjustment for full success 

Without a detailed analysis and a comprehensive understanding of existing emissions, it is almost impossible to achieve reduction targets. The carbon footprint at company level (and product level, if applicable) plays an important role for your Energy & CO2-Management with sustainable ambitions.  

By setting clear, motivating goals, you will finally arrive at concrete measures that you will implement at the pace that suits you best. We are at your side with advice and support and have the necessary (digital) tools and systems quickly at hand and implemented at your site. 

How we - ENIT and the Center for Decarbonization & Energy Strategies of BKW - accompany you safely on the way to climate neutrality: 

✅ Personal contact persons at ENIT first support you in preparing the balance sheet according to the GHG standard.  

✅ In the areas of energy, infrastructure, and buildings that are relevant to decarbonization, the colleagues from BKW have impressively pronounced expertise and can also score points with many years of multi-project management experience. 

✅ Since 2014, ENIT has been helping companies identify, understand, and reduce emissions, consumption, and costs. 

✅ BKW convinces with a comprehensive range of services: consulting, general planning, specialist planning, installation, operation, maintenance - both for standard solutions and for special developments.  

✅ As a spin-off of Fraunhofer ISE, ENIT continuously pursues innovation through research in the energy industry. 

✅ Craftsmanship, professionalism and strength in implementation are writ large at BKW. 

✅ Holistic view of our customers' individual situations and a broad range of partners. 

With the combined expertise of ENIT and BKW, we do everything - except greenwashing. 

We are pleased to have a strong, networked company at our side in BKW. Please feel free to contact us and benefit from our partnership. For full energy and zero emissions. 

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Climate neutrality and renewable energy

Not sure where to even start with this big topic of climate neutrality? Find out more in one of our free webinars on CO2 and energy management. 

With knowledge to the goal. 

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