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We are the gamechangers of the energy transition!

We want to live in freedom and not under the constraints of the climate crisis. 

To this end, we are already acting today and working every day to shape a sustainable future. We see the energy transition as an opportunity and foundation for a sustainable economy and future prosperity. Let's act together!

The Heinrich Böll Foundation has compiled strategies and ideas for the energy transition and presents them on a digital platform called "Gamechanger of the Energy Transition". We at ENIT are very pleased to be represented in the virtual ideas market in the area of "Efficiency & Sufficiency". 

In addition to the long-term, digital collection, the Heinrich Böll Foundation is organizing the conference "Social Project Energy Transition" in Berlin on September 18, 2023. In addition to on-site participation, participation in the livestream is also possible and we cordially invite you to attend. The conference brings together business, research, civil society and politics to advance the energy transition. 

Are you still looking for strategies and ideas for the energy transition? Feel free to find out more about our solutions, at the "Gamechanger of the Energy Transition" ideas market or visit the conference "Social Project Energy Transition" on 18 September. 


Climate neutrality for your company

Climate neutrality: Gamechanger of the energy transition Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Gamechanger of the energy transition

Digital Ideas Market "Gamechanger of the Energy Transition" 

The gamechangers of the energy transition include companies, initiatives and projects that are actively involved in the climate transition and are committed to combating climate change. There are six categories for orientation and thematic classification: 

Participation & Social Change: Communication, research and development projects, which in particular strengthen social participation and expand networks for the energy transition, are represented in this category. 

Efficiency & Sufficiency: With a wide range of solutions for energy and CO2 management and the goal of increased energy transparency, efficiency and savings, ENIT can be found under the category Efficiency & Sufficiency. Also among them: ideas and projects on sustainable energy sources, a consulting tool for craft businesses, a provider of measurement technology and services especially for renewable energies. 

Skilled workers and education: This category includes courageous doers and role models with various projects on the education and training of pupils and vocational students, the recruitment and training of international Green Engineers, further education series and barrier-free environmental education as well as regional education networks. 

Mobility: E-car sharing and ride-on rides as sustainable additions to the mobility offer; innovative, optimised and reliable local transport (whether via app, for rural areas or for school children); an environmentally friendly concept for car dealerships - inspiring projects and ideas can also be found in this category. 

Heating, housing, construction: Renewable energies for heating and hot water preparation, intelligent use of electricity, cross-border heat supply and climate-friendly urban redevelopment are topics that will be addressed by actors in the category "Heating, Living, Building". 

Electricity generation: Under this keyword, various initiatives, projects and companies along the entire energy value chain are presented, which deal with energy self-sufficiency, solidarity-based economic transformation, solar self-construction and the simple switch to renewable energies, among other things. These include municipal initiatives, civil society organisations, integrated energy suppliers, "solar parties", an energy cooperative and examples of the fastest possible local energy transition (the Ahr Valley as a model region ("SolAHRtal") with 100% renewable energies). 


What is the Heinrich Böll Foundation? 

The Heinrich Böll Foundation stands for green ideas and projects, is a reform policy workshop for the future and an international network. The foundation works with over a hundred partner projects in around 60 countries and currently has offices in 34 countries. 

ENIT's vision "Full of energy. Zero emissions." fits well with the mission statement of the Heinrich Böll Foundation and we are proud to accompany emission-intensive companies on their way to a climate-neutral future as a "gamechanger of the energy transition".  #Gesellschaftsprojekt23

Have we piqued your interest? Then we look forward to hearing from you! 

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